Amada Circular Beaded Statement Earrings


Product Description

Amada Circular Hand Beaded earrings make the perfect, unique statement! Two gorgeous in their own way colors: Coral/Peach multi and elegant Ivory Swirl. Whether you pair her with jeans and a tee, a sundress and sandals or a classy work outfit; one thing is for sure, Amada is #versatile! Pretty and dainty enough to wear multiple times a week - she will be your new go-to accessory! FYI - because of the intricate hand beading and quality craftmanship; you will be able to "feel" Amada on your earlobes. She isn't heavy, but she carries a touch more weight than an airy tassel earring! Now, which color to choose?! Or BOTH! Each delicious color is unique and can be worn in totally different ways!