The Perfect Jewelry for a Wedding

If you can believe it, wedding season is just around the corner. If you’re the lucky lady getting married, we couldn’t be happier for you! But if you’re a guest about to celebrate happy unions during this all-important season, it’s important that you’re dressed to impress (and no, you don’t get a pass just because you’re not the bride!).

Trellis Lane Designs has put together a guide to the best jewelry to wear to a wedding. We have everything you need, from delicate designs to showstopper pieces, and no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, we have a look for you. Shop online now!

Here are some guidelines for wearing jewelry to a wedding.

Pay Attention to the Tone of the Wedding

If you’re going to a white tie affair you’re going to dress far differently than you would if you were going to a sunny destination wedding. Don’t break out the costume or showstopper jewelry for a white tie wedding—stick to delicate necklaces and earrings, and elegant pieces that will complement, but not draw attention from, your clothing. For the destination wedding, you can certainly get away with wearing more natural stones, colorful gems, and looks that fit the theme (country weddings are the perfect time to wear turquoise jewelry!).

Pay Attention to the Activities

You want to look fab, but you also want to be comfortable. And let’s face it: weddings can go on for hours, between the ceremony, reception, dancing, and whatever revelry continues throughout the evening. Just like the shoes you wear, you don’t want sacrifice comfort for looking great. You’re going to be uncomfortable and cranky! Not only that, if you decide to take off your heavy jewels (or heels) off at some point, you risk losing them. Be mindful of the pieces you wear, and strike the right balance between delicate and stylish.

Consider Your Handbag

One of the great skills of dressing up is downsizing your regular purse’s contents into something that’s not much larger than your hand. Clutch bags are incredibly cute and at the height of fashion. But you have to be strategic when you carry one. You’ll need to fit your phone, lipstick, powder, tissues, and feminine products in them, while leaving room for other trinkets and mementos you pick up throughout the day. Make sure that your clutch or handbag matches your outfit, and that it’s big enough to handle your essentials (without carrying something that’s bulky!).

Does it Photograph Well?

Prepping for a wedding is an incredibly fun time, and you’ll leave with many wonderful memories. Photographs of you will inevitably surface, whether they’re ones done by the hired photographer or ones that are taken by guests on their phones. You want to make sure that the jewelry you wear balances perfectly with your clothing and doesn’t look odd on camera. Take some photos of yourself ahead of time to get the same view others will have, and make any necessary adjustments. You’ll thank us later!

For the best jewelry to go with any occasion, shop at Trellis Lane. Whether you’re on the hunt for delicate necklaces, delicate earrings, or that killer showstopper natural stone piece, we’ve got everything you need. Shop online for trendy jewelry with us today!